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Forex pivot points indicator

Forex pivot points indicator

Camarilla Forex Pivot Points

Pivot Points in forex trading are widely used. There are a lots os different pivot points calculation in forex trading one of these being the Camarilla Pivot Points. As in all the pivot points strategy the Camarilla Pivot Points give you a set of lines that act as support/resistance.

Camarilla Pivot Points Calculation:

  • R4 = (H−L)×1.1/2+C
  • R3 = (H−L)×1.1/4+C
  • R2 = (H−L)×1.1/6+C
  • R1 = (H−L)×1.1/12+C
  • S1 = C−(H−L)×1.1/12
  • S2 = C−(H−L)×1.1/6
  • S3 = C−(H−L)×1.1/4
  • S4 = C−(H−L)×1.1/2