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basket close expert advisor

Expert advisor closes all open trades on all symbols after the set profit is reached

basket trading expert advisor

Professional forex expert advisor that is able to trade multi currency. Works well on flat markets with good volume. It has auto lot calculation, preset exposure and automated correlation between stoploss and market confidende

The Core 5 Forex Basket Trading Strategy

Forex Basket Trading Strategies are quite popular lately.

The Core 5 Forex Basket Strategy implies the trading of 5 currencies pairs simultaneously

The 5 currency pairs are:


The indicator gives trend direction according to last week, last day, last four hour and last hour worth of data. I would suggest to trade this forex basket ┬átrading system taking the signals from the weekly data, when it signals “BUY strong” you should buy all the 5 currency pairs and when it signals “SELL strong” sell all the 5 currency pairs.

Look for a possible signal around the start of the week.