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bat expert advisor

Strategy based on the bat indicator. The bat indicator is included in the zip file.

forex ADX ATR expert advisor

A forex strategy using ADX and ATR for volatility, if ADR < 30 it will send two pending orders (buy stop and sell stop) at the high+ATR and low+ATR. It's a volatility breakout forex strategy

forex RSI trend expert advisor

Forex strategy based on the RSI indicator. When price hit the RSI level 73 it sell and when price hit level 27 it buys. Stop loss is set at 3xATR and ATR is also used to determines exit level

Supertrend Indicator

What is Supertrend indicator for mt4? What is the supertrend formula?

  • Supertrend indicator is based on ATR and median price

As you can see from the chart below is super easy to use it: the line is plotted in two colors. Red for bearish trend and green for bullish trend. Sure it works perfectly during trend periods but it needs some filtering to avoid bad trades during the flat periods.

Trend Magic Metatrader Forex Indicator

What is Trend Magic?

  • Trend Magic is actually a custom made signal that will bring together CCI and ATR.

Basic Usage:

  • Trend Magic turns blue: BUY
  • Trend Magic turns red: SELL