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demark trendline expert advisor

Expert advisor trading the demark trendlines. The demark trendline indicator in included in the zip file

straddle expert advisor

Straddle forex strategy. Set an amount of pips form the current price and EA will place pendind orders at the specified distance

basket close expert advisor

Expert advisor closes all open trades on all symbols after the set profit is reached

stochastic martingale expert advisor

Martingale expert advisor based on stochastic signals

pending order oco expert advisor

Expert advisor to send OCO orders. OCO means one cancel other, it places a buy or sell pending orders and once an order is executed theother is cancelled

bat expert advisor

Strategy based on the bat indicator. The bat indicator is included in the zip file.

trendline expert advisor

Manually draw a trendline and when the price will break it the expert advisor opens trade.

dailyfx news expert advisor

This EA makes decision based on news events. It downloads the economic calendar from the dailyfx website and then it waits for the news event to be released, once the data is released, the EA makes an investor trading decision

3 level zz semafor expert advisor

Strategy based on the indicator 3 level zz semafor (a zigzag indicator). Best timeframe to trade is the 5 minute

stop hunting the big players expert advisor

Expert advisor based on the strategy “stop hunting the big players”. It places pending order near a round number trying to catch 10-15 pips at a time

fractal RSI expert advisor

This expert advisor trades the fractals according to RSI signals overbought and oversold

regression channel expert advisor

Autotrader based on the regression channel. You can choose between linear regression channel, parabolic regression channel or polynomial regression channel

fractal trailing stop expert advisor

Trailing stop expert advisor based on fractals. The first corresponding fractal is used for the trailing.

MACD stochastic expert advisor

Forex expert advisor that send trades based on MACD and stochastic signals. Tested on EURUSD 1H timeframe

price quote and account info email expert advisor

Expert advisor will send you an email with the account info (balance, equity, profit and margin) and last bid prices with daily percentage change. You can customize the frequency of the emails (minutes) and the symbols you want to get the last bid price and percent change

screenshot email expert advisor

Expert advisor that take a screenshot after open a trade and send it to your email address.

forex tester

forex tester is an expert advisor that simulate market activity. With this trading simulator you will be able to test your forex strategies and indicators. Forex tester can simulate buy and sell orders

gaps expert advisor

This forex expert advisor trades gaps. It has a spread control to not trade if the spread is too big.

neural network expert advisor

Expert advisor based on neural network, it uses a perceptron as the learning algorythm. Define 4 values (x1, x2, x3 and x4), stoploss and lots and you’re ready to trade

basket trading expert advisor

Professional forex expert advisor that is able to trade multi currency. Works well on flat markets with good volume. It has auto lot calculation, preset exposure and automated correlation between stoploss and market confidende